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so for christmas.

this is what i got and gave. more of just a reminder for me haha

gave:ipod 30 gig video
got:$200 on an american eagle gift card

gave: digital camera
got: flats purse dimond earrings peacoat gift cer (wawa and bubbles salon)

gave: jacket hat shirt
got: tripod new tires oil change and hubcaps

gave: bed stuff and pillows
got: locket car stuff hello kitty stuff

and then stuff to the aunts and uncles and ella

life is good.

man this past week has been so good. i have been worrying to much about school this semester and forgetting about my friends. for the whole semester i did nothing the onlt erson i saw was sam and it was only at night before we went to sleep and then in the morning when we woke up. now are scheduals are awesome togeather hes going to work 2-10 for this 2 week shift and then 6-2pm for the next two weeks while he is in his new sector. so i get to see him for a little more . and then i got to hang out with ryan quite a bit last week and beth a few times this week. school is gonna have to take a step back in my life it was making me depressed. but other than that im pretty much not living at my house. my boyfriend is being amazing but leaving for chicago friday which means ill be around with nothing to do until he comes back monday :( bush gardens friday for me... i have the whole weekend off pretty much and im loving it.
:) bar norfolk tonight with heather joaquina ryan nick and doug

hotel party last night...well i guess party lol hotel gathering i guess haha but ya gotta love it
crossroads is soooo on channel 2 right now and im soooo watching it... the oc is GREAT 12 weeks in a row starting in january even if marissa is going to be gay with seths new girlfriend
LIFE ROCK PRETTY HARD RIGHT NOW...everyone is so cool everyone is coming home from college .... friends are awesome.. patrick is not being a ass anymore just GREAT christmas is next saturday my aunt isn't comiing though shes coming the week in march im not gonna be here cause im going to JESSICAS GRADUATIONN!!!! in georgia yes mam right now im babysitting and goonna call joe to see whats up.. toys r us comes later in the day maybe ash;ey will go with me :) miss shoe are you home yet?

Dec. 8th, 2004

Richmond...it was a lot of fun relaxing shall i say ryan came and got me at like 10 we put all my stuff in the car except the laptop ..no no erica leave that at home... drove to vcu in an hour ryans quick... went to desi's dorm then went to the dining place spent an hour with ryan while sitting next to a game room we didn't know about but nice talk lol off to carry town bought ella a toddler size paul frank shirt... fun fun... back to desis hotel.. got all her stuff off to the hotel got lost got found and then checked in brought everything in then cvs then wendys then hotel lol then food .. then we got ryan to drink mikes hard lemonade yeah.. jumped on beds arm wreseled to who ever won got to touch desi's boob i won no times ... drink drink drink fell asleep at 11 woke up at 2 to desi jumping from m to ryan lol we both woke up watched boogie nights saw mark walburgs penis SCORE drank more i think went to bed... woke up with ryan starring in my face and desi laying on my arm that was asleep lol got dressed packed up the car dropped desi off heaeded back dodged though traffic at 145 lol got home bad night don't even wanna talk about ti

Dec. 8th, 2004

i have decieded agaisnt all better judgement i want her to be my best friend .. well one of them i want to be able to hang out with her on the spur of a momment . pleas don't dispise me i want her to be my friend ..why don't i like her in the first place besides a little glitter (haha des does this give away my post) well since u now know who i am talking abut lets be her friend.. :)

Dec. 6th, 2004

hahaha this thing just picks out something from your interest but hey it works

n*e*r*d is love
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